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XML The status, policies and programs of nutrition among in nursing mothers: A review article
Sedigheh Moghasemi, Nezal Ajh, Taraneh Estaki, Parvin Mirmiran
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_41e194/html/ Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_41e194/eng_abst/ [English Abstract]
XML Investigating the relationship of genetic mutations in GJB2 and linkage analysis of DFNB4 Locus in a group of non-syndromic hearing impaired people with autosomal recessive inheritance in Hormozgan
Najmeh Ahangari, Marjan Masoudi, Aliakbar Poursadegh, Abdolazim Nejatizadeh
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_41e194/html/HTML.a.1394.vol2.no2.article2 Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_41e194/eng_abst/EN.a.1394.vol2.no2.article2 [English Abstract]
XML The efficiency of wastewater treatment plant in an Industrial slaughterhouse in Sanandaj in 2012
Esmael Ghahremani, Afshin Maleki, Somayeh Ghafouri, Nasrin Feyzi, Shahram Sadeghi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_41e194/html/HTML.a.1394.vol2.no2.article3 Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_41e194/eng_abst/EN.a.1394.vol2.no2.article3 [English Abstract]
XML Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast in reducing of the amount of Citrinin fungal toxin in wheat flour
Isa Gholampour Azizi, Molood Gorj, Bijhan Nouri, Samaneh Rouhi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_41e194/html/HTMLa.1394.vol2.no2.article4 Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_41e194/eng_abst/EN.a.1394.vol2.no2.article4 [English Abstract]
XML The relationship between occupational stresses with job burnout in pre-hospital emergency staff
Zahra Moshtagh Eshgh, Ali akbar Aghaeinezhad , Akram Peyman, Aref Amirkhani, Fakhredin Taghinejad, Ali akbar Sheikhi
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_41e194/html/HTML.a.1394.vol2.no2.article5 Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_41e194/eng_abst/EN.a.1394.vol2.no2.article5 [English Abstract]
XML Job satisfaction of health workers in Golestan Province based on Herzberg s model in the year 2012
Alireza Heydari , Mohammad Javad Kabir, Ashrafi Babazadeh Gashti, Nahid Jafari, Mansoureh Lotfi, Mohammad Aryaei, Mohammad Reza Honarvar, Mohammad Ali Pourabasi, Maryam Iri
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_41e194/html/HTML.a.1394.vol2.no2.article6 Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_41e194/eng_abst/EN.a.1394.vol2.no2.article6 [English Abstract]
XML Knowledge, attitude and practice of women referred to health centers of Gorgan on the determining factors of self-care
Seyyed Kamaloddin Mirkarimi , Mohammad Aryaie, Aziz Kamran, Hasan Farid
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_41e194/html/HTML.a.1394.vol2.no2.article7 Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_41e194/eng_abst/EN.a.1394.vol2.no2.rticle7 [English Abstract]
XML Use of data mining algorithms in assessing the affecting factors on predicting the health status of newborns
Fatemeh Bagheri , Hakimeh Alizadeh Majd, Zahra Mehrbakhsh, Majid Ziaratban
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_41e194/html/HTML.a.1394.vol2.no2.article8 Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_41e194/eng_abst/EN.a.1394.vol2.no2.article8 [English Abstract]
XML Sayyed Ismael Jorjani, The famous Iranian physician and philosopher
Seyyed Alireza Golshani
Abstract -   Full Text (PDF)   |   Full Text(HTML) [English Abstract]./files/site1/user_files_41e194/html/HTML.a.1394.vol2.no2.article9 Full Text(HTML) ./files/site1/user_files_41e194/eng_abst/EN.a.1394.vol2.no2.article9 [English Abstract]
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